Author: mmccullough

New demographics, new communities: What makes a condo development attractive to families?

The dense Toronto real estate landscape is seeing families with young kids increasingly opt for condo living over the (unaffordable and unattainable) single-family home. But aside from condo building amenities like security, fitness facilities, and guest suites, what are families with young kids looking for in the neighbourhoods and communities they will choose to call home. In general, the right mix of lifestyle and value is ideal.

Smart investors buy bigger: forecasting ROI in the Toronto condo resale market

Obviously, the secret to successful investing is the ability to forecast demand. If you’re holding equity in an asset class that is sought-after (albeit one whose supply is low), you can expect a more profitable return on your investment. Buying and re-selling condos for a profit in the red-hot Toronto real estate market is directly related to an investor’s ability to foresee demand.